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Beer #135: Kapittel Prior Ale

August 2, 2010

Beer: Kapittel Prior Ale

Brewery: Van Eecke Brewery, Watou, Belgium

Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Serving Type: 11.2 oz bottle

Price: Unknown – part of a mixed gift pack.

Availability: Year-round

Glassware: Goblet

Strength: 9.0% ABV (alcohol by volume)

Drinkability: While a big beer (both in alcohol and style), this particular brew is easy drinking and flavorful, with the whole glass gone before I knew it

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Hazy, medium nut-brown hue with a thin, fizzy, white head

Aroma: Raisins, chocolate and Port

Mouthfeel: Medium body with tiny, fizzy bubbles

Taste: Initially slightly buttery with dark fruit (plums and raisins), melding into a big, chewy, malty middle, followed by a slightly toasty, effervescent and smooth finish.  The relatively high alcohol content is well-hidden.   Overall, a big, rich brew that is extremely smooth and really delicious.

Pairing: Pairs nicely with caramelized crispy-skin dark-meat chicken

Trivia: According to a recent CNBC article, Belgium ranks #7 in the world in average beer consumption at 93 liters per person per year.  Who is #1?  The Czech Republic at 156.9 liters per person… about a 12 oz bottle for every day of the year!

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