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Beer #86 – March 30, 2010: Hoegaarden Witbier

April 4, 2010

Beer: Hoegaarden Witbier

Brewery: Hoegaarden Brewery, Hoegaarden, Belgium

Style: Wit / Witbier

Serving Type: 12 oz bottle

Price: $8.99 / six-pack

Availability: Year-round

Glassware: Pilsner Glass

Strength: 4.9% ABV (alcohol by volume)

Drinkability: Light, crisp, refreshing… very drinkable!

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Pours a very hazy, pale, lemon-yellow hue with a foamy, white head.

Aroma: Crisp, lemon-orange citrus aroma, with a slightly funky, yeasty tinge

Mouthfeel: Relatively full mouthfeel with a creamy fizzy of carbonation, yet relatively light body.  While I enjoy many different witbiers, the smooth, creamy carbonation truly sets this one apart from other bottled offerings.

Taste: Initial wheat and green grape sweetness, with a savory middle of lemon rind, coriander, pineapple and clove, and a slightly finish.  A little watery and light on flavor, but extremely drinkable.

Pairing: Mussels steamed in witbier, or grilled lemon shrimp.

Trivia: Hoegaarden is yet another classic and historic Belgian brewery that has been taken over by the Anheuser-Busch InBev conglomerate in recent years.  A mixed blessing, since the takeover meant saving a brewery that was destroyed by fire, and keeping the witbier brewing tradition alive in the town of Hoegaarden, while purists saying the recipe has become less flavorful and tweaked for mass-market consumption.  Since this takeover occurred in 1985, I never had the pleasure of trying the original beer, but this is still a tasty offering well worth trying.

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  1. April 7, 2010 9:39 am

    Agreed on the mixed blessing. I am glad though, that this can now be found in most supermarkets, which beats the pants off having to settle for natty light. I see a recent transition to lighter, paler beers. Must mean spring’s here! Keep it up man.

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