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Beer #76 – March 20, 2010: Chatoe Rogue First Growth Dirtoir Black Lager

March 22, 2010

Beer: Chatoe Rogue First Growth Dirtoir Black Lager

Brewery: Rogue Ales Brewery, Newport, Oregon

Style: Schwarzbier / Black Lager

Serving Type: 750 ml bottle

Price: $5.99 / bottle

Availability: Limited Release

Glassware: Highball Glass

Strength: 6.0% ABV (alcohol by volume)

Drinkability: Can’t think of a better beer for the first day of Spring: fresh “estate-grown” ingredients, flavors of soil (dark malts) and new growth (flowers and pine forests)

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Pours thick, deep, rich black with a frothy earthy-hued head.

Aroma: Rich, soil, roasted coffee beans

Mouthfeel: Thick, creamy, foamy.

Taste: Flavors of rich roasted coffee beans, cola, brown sugar, and rich soil (yes, soil, not dirt, but drinking in the flavors of the earth) develop into a spicy middle, a touch of quinine, into hoppy flavors reminiscent of a coastal pine forest, with a slightly dry and moderately bitter finish.  Rich, flavorful, but not overly heavy.  A truly unique and delicious brew.  Limited release, so catch it while you can!

Pairing: Goes perfect with a barbeque in the great outdoors.

Trivia: This beer is part of the “Chatoe Rogue” series, GYO-certified (Grown Your Own), brewed with ingredients (hops, barley) grown on Rogue’s own farms.

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