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Beer #65 – March 7, 2010: Coney Island Lager

March 12, 2010

Beer: Coney Island Lager

Brewery: Shmaltz Brewing Company, Saratoga Springs, New York

Style: Amber Lager

Serving Type: 750 ml bottle

Price: $3.99 / Bottle

Availability: Year-round

Glassware: Pilsner Glass

Strength: 5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume)

Drinkability: A simultaneously complex, yet easy to drink, malty lager.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Pours a reddish-brown-amber with a thin white head.

Aroma: Clean, sweet, slight caramel.

Mouthfeel: Medium body, medium carbonation.

Taste: Caramel-corn, slightly buttery sweetness reminiscent of Cracker Jacks (strangely appropriate for a “Coney Island” beer).  Develops into a chewy, multi-grain bread middle.  A touch of pine and herbal notes, bitter peanut skin, melding with mineral flavors and a mineral-water-like carbonation.  Complex, interesting flavors… not clean like most lagers, and maybe a bit too mixed up without a dominant backbone (brewed with 8 different malts and 6 different hops according to the brewery website).  Still, a pretty flavorful and interesting take on a lager, and well worth a try.

Pairing: Not just because of the Coney Island name, a Nathan’s hot dog with mustard, kraut, and a side of fries would go quite well.

Trivia: Probably as a reaction to the domination of mass-market lagers in the beer world, most craft beers on the market are ales.  However, Coney Island Brewing offers six different unique takes on lagers, proving that lagers don’t have to stick traditional or typical styles.

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