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Beer #45 – February 14, 2010: Lindemans Framboise

February 14, 2010

Beer: Lindemans Framboise

Brewery: Brouwerj Lindemans, Vlezenbeek, Belgium

Style: Fruit Lambic

Serving Type: 750 ml bottle

Price: $7.99

Availability: Year-round

Glassware: Champagne flute

Strength: 4.0% ABV (alcohol by volume)

Drinkability: Sweet, fruity, and incredibly easy to drink.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Pours a hazy raspberry-red hue with a thin fizzy pink head.

Aroma: Smells just like raspberry jam.

Mouthfeel: Slightly syrupy and effervescent.

Taste: Starts with an initial strawberry jam sweetness, melding into a sweet and tart raspberry middle, with a slightly dry, slightly acidic finish.  While traditional non-fruit lambics are relatively tart, fruit lambics, particularly Lindemans, are especially sweet.

Pairing: Since raspberries pair so well with chocolate, Framboise pairs perfectly with any chocolate desert, particularly an orange dark chocolate fondue.

Trivia: The Lambic style covers a wide range of flavors depending upon the particular beer.  Common characteristics of all Lambics are the use of wild yeasts in the fermentation process, and a blending of old (2 years or more) and young (just a few months) Lambics that lead to a mix of sweeter and tarter flavors.  Fruit Lambics are then blended with fruit which leads to an additional fermentation of the fruit, making these Lambics something between a wine and a beer.  Some Fruit Lambics, like Lindemans, are sweetened with sugar, fruit juice and/or fruit puree to create a sweeter, more accessible beer that may not be as complex as other Lambics, but are extremely easy to drink and excellent beers to pair with dessert!

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