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Beer #30 – January 30, 2010: Brooklyn Cookie Jar Porter

January 30, 2010

Beer: Cookie Jar Porter

Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, New York

Style: Porter

Serving Type: On-tap

Price: $4.50 / pint at Cloverleaf Tavern, Caldwell, NJ

Availability: One-time limited release, draught only

Glassware: Shaker pint

Strength: 7.8% ABV (alcohol by volume)

Drinkability: Interesting and delicious, though not exactly what I expected from the preview ads / descriptions I had been seeing.  More about this below…

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Deep, dark ruby-brown, almost black, with a thin creamy tan head.

Aroma: Raisins and sherry.  Maybe rum-soaked-raisins?

Mouthfeel: Medium body with medium carbonation.  Not quite as creamy as I’d expect given the oatmeal in the brew.

Taste: There are definitely raisins in this beer, but the raisins must have surely fermented during the brewing process, leading to strong port flavors in the beer, a little sherry too.  There are some tangy grain and roasted flavors.  The cookie spices come through too… vanilla and ginger among others.  An unexpected cherry-cola taste comes through at points as well.  Given the description and name, the very prominent port flavor is quite a surprise, but is quite tasty.

Pairing: I’d definitely call this a nightcap beer.  Just enjoyable all on its own.

Trivia: Here’s the scoop on this brew directly from Brooklyn Brewery:

“Last winter, while the Brooklyn brewing team sat around a peat fire drinking some inspirational drinks, brewer Tom Price mentioned that his friend’s bakery made some very fine oatmeal cookies. Before long, we were all talking about oatmeal cookies and how good they are with beer. Pretty soon we’d somehow decided that the cookies should actually become a beer. Funny, the things people come up with while drinking in front of a good fire.

Of course, oatmeal in beer isn’t a new idea. For centuries brewers have added oats to the mash, giving the resulting beers – usually stouts – silky smooth textures. But how best to create the flavors we had in mind? Out in Jersey City (NYC’s 6th borough), Tom’s friends at Feed Your Soul Bakery make some of the tastiest oatmeal cookies we’ve ever had. After talking to the bakers (and eating a lot of cookies), we brewed a beer from floor-malted barley malt, golden oats, raisins, brown sugar, honey, vanilla beans and a subtle dash of spice.

Brooklyn Cookie Jar Porter brings all these flavors together with light chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors to create a beer that will warm up the coldest nights, even if you don’t have a peat fire. It’s very nice by itself, but perhaps even better with roasted pork, barbecue, or traditional Mexican mole dishes. Or, of course, some oatmeal cookies and ice cream.”

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